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The Northern Territory Government Sport Voucher Scheme is helping families cover the cost of their children getting involved in sport, recreation and cultural activities.

Have you received your $100 Sport Voucher this semester?

Every enrolled, school-aged child living in an urban area across the Northern Territory has a $100 Sport Voucher automatically issued to them via their school at the start of each semester.

The schools kindly assist in distributing Sport Vouchers to parents and carers, so please be patient on receiving your voucher.

If you have not received a Sport Voucher, please contact your school in the first instance and if a Sport Voucher has not been allocated please apply using the online Sport Voucher request form.

Sport Vouchers issued in Semester 2, 2015 and Semester 1, 2016 will expire on 31 May 2016.

Have you lost your Sport Voucher?

If you have misplaced your Sport Voucher, please apply for a replacement using the online Sport Voucher request form.

Where can I use my Sport Voucher?Sport Vouchers Accepted Here

Sport Vouchers are accepted by over 330 registered sport, recreation and cultural activity providers throughout the Territory.

What can I use my Sport Voucher for?

  • offsetting the cost of active participation in after-school and weekend sport, recreation and cultural activities, including programs, lessons, classes, workshops, special events and festivals
  • registration and insurance
  • membership fees
  • uniforms related to the program or activity being undertaken when purchased through the same registered activity provider (Examples: team uniforms, costuming for performances, activity clothing)
  • equipment related to the program or activity being undertaken when purchased through the same registered activity provider (Examples:  sports and recreation equipment, instruments, instructional  books, music scores and scripts)

What can’t my Sport Voucher be used for?

  • activities or programs that are part of the school curriculum or take part during school hours
  • travel to and from competitions, subsidising interstate and intrastate representation and payments to activity providers that are not registered with the Department of Sport and Recreation
  • transference to another student or family member
  • purchasing equipment or uniforms direct from a retailer
  • a cash refund for all or part of the value of the Sport Voucher
  • multiple activity providers – a Sport voucher cannot be divided for part payment between different providers
  • payments to activity providers that are not registered with the Sport Voucher Scheme

How do I apply for a Learn to Swim Voucher?Have you applied for your $100 Learn to Swim Voucher

The new semester of 2015/16 $100 Learn to Swim Vouchers has now opened. Learn to Swim Vouchers can be applied for online by completing the Learn to Swim Voucher request form.

Learn to Swim vouchers are available for children aged five years and under who are not yet enrolled in school or pre-school and have completed the free Water Safety Awareness Program.

My child attends a Remote school - will they receive a Sport Voucher?

All Territory school-aged children have access to the Sport Voucher Scheme through their school.  Children attending remotes schools do not receive a printed voucher. The school in consultation with the School Council will determine the sport, recreation and cultural activities to be provided through an Eligible Activity Provider.

Programs funded by the Sport Voucher Scheme in remote areas include cricket, basketball, hip hop, circus skills, gymnastics, music, skateboarding, Indigenous culture workshops and camps, swimming, equestrian, bicycle safety and skills, canoeing, tennis, holistic physical mobility, visual arts and drumming lessons.

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