Code of Conduct

Under the athlete’s scholarship agreement it is a requirement that athletes comply with the Athlete Code of Conduct.

Athlete Responsibilities

As an Northern Territory Institute of Sport (NTIS) athlete I must:

  1. Abide by all policies, procedures and guidelines of the NTIS;

  2. Neither possess or use illegal or prohibited drugs or other substances (either by law or under the NTIS’ Anti-Doping Policy);

  3. Not consume alcohol while in the NTIS uniform or representing NTIS with the exception that if I am over 18 I may consume alcohol in moderation at NTIS social functions at the discretion of NTIS personnel;

  4. Cooperate with my NTIS Head Coach or my Coach and NTIS staff in the development of programs to adequately prepare me for national and/or international competition at the highest level,

  5. Work diligently and effectively in my studies and/or occupation while training and competing;

  6. Comply with the training requirements and performance goals of my Program as specified by the NTIS or any Coach;

  7. Communicate with my Coach about all the other sport and physical activities I participate in or am going to participate in;

  8. Accept and respond in a positive manner to direction and feedback of NTIS and any Coach;

  9. Abide by the spirit, as well as the rules of my sport;

  10. Accept victory and defeat with dignity and grace;

  11. Behave and dress in a dignified manner when representing NTIS both on and off the competition arena;

  12. Wear the official NTIS uniform designated for the my sport during training, testing and competition and at other official functions (including media interviews) as directed by the NTIS Head Coach, Coach or Director;

  13. Attend any sport science test or education sessions as directed by the NTIS or my Head Coach including the annual anti-doping seminar organised by the NTIS;

  14. Participate in all competitions nominated or approved by my Head Coach, NTIS and the local sporting organisation.  If necessary, Athletes are to fund all associated costs themselves, as NTIS is under no obligation to assist in funding travel and other costs of participation in those competitions. Competitions may include, but are not limited to, those involving NT representative teams or clubs and the NTIS squad;

  15. Maintain current registration with my local sporting organisation or NSO as stated within the NTIS scholarship application;

  16. Discuss with NTIS any change in my circumstances which has the potential to effect my eligibility for support under the NTIS Scholarship Training Program;

  17. Make every effort to become aware of and understand obligations to ensure a harassment free sport environment and avoid harassment consisting of offensive, abusive, belittling or threatening behaviour directed at a person or group because they are different or perceived to be different from the harasser (NTIS Member Protection Policy);

  18. Compensate NTIS for the cost of any repair or replacement for damage as a result of the my negligent or criminal behaviour;

  19. Provide support to NTIS for any promotional or fundraising activities or event that NTIS may undertake;

  20. Attend all appointments when representing the NTIS on time and provide reasonable prior notice if I am not in a position to attend. This includes appointments with NTIS staff and other consultants eg. Doctor, physiotherapy, and nutrition appointments.

  21. Comply with all rules and safety directions in respect of the NTIS, YMCA (Alice Springs) gymnasium facility and NTIS recovery centre;

  22. Comply with any directions in relation to dealings with the media as set out in my scholarship agreement;

  23. Participate fully with, and strictly within, the rehabilitative management services and recommendations of the NTIS Sports Medicine Coordinator and perform rehabilitation exercises as advised.

  24. Seek medical advice when required.