This framework has been developed, in alignment with the National Institute Network athlete categories, to ensure the primary focus of the NTIS is on:

1) Identifying athletes with the greatest potential to contribute to Australia’s Winning Edge (AWE) targets as well as NTIS outcomes;

2) Prioritising support to these athletes; and

3) Tracking performance over time.


Scholarship levels

  • Level 1 - Podium - International senior competitor in an individual athlete or team event with a medal performance at benchmark competitions and is considered capable of maintaining this level of performance.
  • Level 2 - Potential Podium - International senior competitor in an individual event or team with a ranking 4-8 at benchmark competitions and considered capable of progressing to medal performance within 2 years.
  • Level 3 - International - International senior competitor in an individual athlete or team event at benchmark competitions and considered capable of retaining or progressing this level of performance in the next 4 years.
  • Level 4 - Athlete with the capability to achieve at least International level status within 1-3 years.
    Athlete that has signed a contract with a team competing in a national professional competition (or better).
  • Level 5 - Athlete with the capability to achieve at least International level status within 4-7 years.
    Athlete with capability to achieve national professional competition (or better) status within 1-3 years.

Explanatory Notes: Senior: Open age, not age-specific; Benchmark competitions: Competitions which are of significance to AWE targets, and Australia’s international sporting success more broadly; Capability: assessed by reference to defined sport specific criteria and process; National professional league: AFL, A-League/W-League; NBL/WNBL, NRL, First Class Cricket, Super 15 Rugby, Trans Tasman Netball, ABL, etc. competitions.

NTIS Athlete Scholarship

A NTIS athlete scholarship will be awarded to athletes residing in and (where possible) representing the NT who are not competing as a professional* in their sport.  Athletes will be assessed under one of the 5 scholarship levels (above).

Within the 5 levels, only NT-based athletes have provisions available for “Injured” athlete status.

Level 1-5 athletes are eligible to access all NTIS services within the NT.  Athlete eligibility for direct financial support will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

If an athlete, on a Level 1-4 scholarship at the time, chooses to move outside the NT to improve training and competition opportunities, then they may retain scholarship eligibility if they are competing for the NT (where possible).  Service support will only be provided when these athletes are in the NT. 

Any funding support will be determined on a case-by-case “as available” basis to possibly assist with initial relocation and/or return trip to the NT to train with their respective sport program (and to assist with any public relations activities).  If a level 1-4 athlete’s scholarship level drops to Level 5 status (or lower) while interstate or overseas, the NTIS will consider maintaining their scholarship for a further 12 month period only.

* An athlete who has a professional sport license (e.g. golf, triathlon) and/or is on a professional contract competing in a national or international league/championship series (e.g. AFL, NRL).

Individual Athlete Scholarship (IAS)

Available to athletes who meet Level 1-5 National Sporting Organisation (NSO) sport eligibility in a sport where the NTIS does not have a Sport Program (Tier 1, 2 or 3).
The applicant must be:
• Endorsed by a representative of the NT Peak Sporting Body (PSB) or NSO;
• An Australian Citizen and/or be eligible for Australian representation;
• Representing the NT in competitions where possible;
• A resident of the NT.  Residency is defined as going to school/university or working and living in the NT.  Athletes who relocate interstate, while on NTIS scholarship, for an extended period of time, will have their scholarship status assessed on a case-by-case basis;
• Required to nominate a local coach, to be approved by the NTIS and NSO, who will be responsible for planning and managing their training, competition and NTIS servicing in consultation with the relevant national coach.

NTIS Training Agreement

The offer of a NTIS Training Agreement will be considered by NTIS senior management and approved by the NTIS Director on a case-by-case basis.  The following athletes can be considered:
(i) NT-resident who is competing nationally or internationally as a professional athlete but is not a Level 1-5 athlete.
(ii) A recognised Level 1-4 athlete from interstate or overseas, or a Level 5 athlete on scholarship within the National Institute Network, who is based in the NT for a short period of time (e.g. max. 3 months).
(iii) An ex NTIS Level 1-5 scholarship holder (up to 12 months hence) who has returned to the NT for a short period of time.
(iv) A NT-resident who, based on nomination by the Head Coach of a NTIS Sport Program, is considered a valuable training mentor and role model for NTIS scholarship athletes in the sport.

Athletes offered a NTIS Training Agreement are not eligible for financial support from the NTIS but can access NTIS facilities and agreed services on a pre-arranged basis when in Darwin or Alice Springs.

For further information please phone 08 8922 6811.



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