Paralympic Games

Please find listed the Northern Territory Institute of Sport (NTIS) athletes who have achieved the distinction of representing Australia at the Paralympic Games.

Athlete Sport Games Year Achievements
Melanie Hall Wheelchair Basketball Beijing 2008 Bronze Medal
Judith Green Swimming - 100m Breaststroke Sydney 2000 Gold Medal
Judith Green Swimming - 400m Freestyle Sydney 2000 8th
Melissa Dunn Wheelchair Basketball Sydney 2000 Silver Medal
Nadia Romeo Wheelchair Basketball Sydney 2000 Silver Medal
Hamish MacDonald Athletics - Discus Sydney 2000 4th
Hamish MacDonald Athletics - 100m Sydney 2000 7th
Mark Davies Athletics - Discus Sydney 2000 5th
Bill Medley Wheelchair Table Tennis Sydney 2000
Sam Rickard Athletics Sydney 2000
Hamish MacDonald * Athletics - Shot Put Atlanta 1996 Gold Medal
Russell Short * Athletics - Discus Atlanta 1996 Silver Medal
Russell Short * Athletics - Shot Put Atlanta 1996 Silver Medal
Sam Rickard * Athletics Atlanta 1996
Mark Davies * Athletics Atlanta 1996
* Denotes NTIS supported athlete prior to official scholarships being awarded on 1 January 1997.