Good eating goes hand in hand with achieving peak athletic performance. The Northern Territory Institute of Sport (NTIS) works with a sports dietician to guide its athletes and coaches on the best nutrition for developing and maintaining sporting excellence.

The NTIS Nutrition program involves educating athletes on aspects of nutrition such as choosing a balanced diet, food preparation, fluid intake, pre-event meals and food for recovery. The program aims to teach that good eating helps keep athletes in shape, well fuelled and confident, while poor nutrition can lead to fatigue and decreased fitness and strength.

The NTIS dietician provides group and individual sessions for athletes. These may include learning how to cook quick healthy meals that fit in with a hectic work/sport training schedule or shopping for healthy groceries. The NTIS dietician provides advice on planning for situations such as tournaments where it might be better to bring food prepared at home instead of relying on the kiosk.

The dietician also works with coaches to devise nutrition strategies to attain optimum energy levels for their athletes and how to intelligently “make the weight” for sports with discreet weight divisions.

For more information phone: (08) 8922 6811.