Sport Psychology

Sport Psychologist

Liz Grylls

The Northern Territory Institute of Sport (NTIS) Sport Psychology service seeks to develop and improve the mental skills required for elite performance in sport. Specific skills include self-talk, relaxation, pre-game routines and body language to assist in athletic performance.

The NTIS Sports Psychologist can assist athletes through performance planning, performance in the moment and performance debriefing. These areas can assist athletes to:

  • Improve confidence and focus for consistent high performance
  • Enhance pre-performance through mental preparation
  • Deal with error recovery
  • Set appropriate goals for motivation and performance
  • Deal positively with injuries, deselection, retirement
  • Develop effective communication
  • Assist in the loss of self-confidence

Athletes meet the Sport Psychology staff:

  • In individual one-to-one sessions
  • To develop programs that are specific to individual athlete needs to enhance sporting performance
  • As part of the NTIS Sport Psychology workshop program
  • In sessions organised through the individual sporting programs
  • On location at training sessions, camps and competitions

NTIS athletes who wish to make an appointment can contact the NTIS Sport Psychologist on 08 8922 6851.

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NTIS Performance Psychology Sessions

The Northern Territory Institute of Sport is a collection of professional expertise, services and resources focused on the delivery of programs designed to enhance athlete and coach performance in the Northern Territory. These programs are reflective of the 'formula' that has brought about Australia's international success.

To continually develop our athletes, coaches and officials, the NTIS will be running FREE Performance Psychology Sessions throughout 2014. These monthly Monday evening sessions aim to give each participant an understanding of the related topics along with practical suggestions that can be utilised not only within sport and performance, but also in day to day activities.  Each participant should come prepared for developing skills in each area.

Please refer to this flyer for all details including workshop dates, booking and contact details.