Coaching and Officiating

It is a legal requirement for all coaches and officials to have a Working With Children Card, also known as an Ochre Card. For more information go to


The Department of Sport and Recreation (DSR) facilitates training for coaches in various areas, including:

  • Beginning Coaching General Principles (available online);
  • Intermediate Coaching General Principles;
  • Coach Mentoring Training Program;
  • Presenter Training Courses; and
  • Assessor Training Courses.

Training and workshops are offered throughout the year for individuals. Also, DSR can work with sporting organisations and clubs to tailor a course to meet their needs.


DSR facilitates training for officials such as: 
  • Introductory Officiating General Principles (available online); and
  • Advanced Officiating General Principles.

Courses can be organised by DSR and modified to suit your needs.


Play by the Rules promotes fun, fair and safe behaviour in sport and provides information and resources on how to prevent and deal with inappropriate and unlawful behaviour.

The Coloured Shirt Program aims to:

  • raise awareness and increase recognition and support of new officials;
  • make new officials easily identifiable, so that they can be recognised and supported; and
  • create a culture of support for officials via the education of players, spectators, coaches and media.

The Australian Sports Commission's Participating in Sport page has information, manuals, tools and tips for coaches and officials.

For more information, contact DSR's Sport Development on (08) 8982 2358.