Disability Sport Program


Sports CONNECT is a national framework that works to build pathways for people with disabilities to get involved in sport but creating and developing relationships between sports and disability organisations.   

Sports Connect

More people with a disability and disability service organisations are recognising the many social and health benefits that are a result from being involved in sport and physical activity. Sporting organisations are becoming more aware of the benefits of involving people with disabilities either as participants, administrators, volunteers, coaches or officials.


Sports CONNECT aims to improve the linkages between the Demand side and the Supply side to include more people with a disability in sport and active recreation.


For more information on Sports CONNECT please phone (08) 8951 6432 or email participation.dsr@nt.gov.au 


Sports Ability

Sports Ability is a National program designed to increase the participation levels in sport and physical activity of people with a disability in a structured, safe, inclusive and fun environment. Sports Ability consists of inclusive games that can be delivered in a variety of settings including schools, clubs and disability and aged care facilities.


Sports Ability is appropriate for everyone and had two main aims;

  • To provide teachers, sport and community leaders with more ways of including people with a disability in physical activity and sport
  • To create a medium for the integration of people with and without a disability in inclusive games.

For more information on Sports Ability phone (08) 8951 6432, email participation.dsr@nt.gov.au or visit www.ausport.gov.au/participating/disability/get_involved/sports_ability 


Webinar Series 

The Sports CONNECT webinar series will allow you to communicate with a range of people from the sport and disability sector and hear practical examples of how working together can result in getting people with disability involved in their local community through sport.


To find out when the next webinar is scheduled or to view previous webinars visit www.ausport.gov.au/participating/disability/get_involved/webinar_series



There are a number of training modules aimed at specific target groups that cover a range of topics related to the inclusion of people with a disability in physical activity and sport. More information on these resources can be found on the Australian Sports Commissions website www.ausport.gov.au/participating/disability/get_involved/education or email any queries to participation.dsr@nt.gov.au