Marrara Indoor Stadium

Marrara Indoor Stadium aerial view

Marrara Indoor Stadium is a Territory Government facility located 11 kilometres from the city of Darwin and one kilometre from Darwin airport. Marrara Indoor Stadium forms part of the Marrara Sporting Complex, alongside facilities for AFL, athletics, basketball, cricket, football and hockey.

The Stadium was officially opened on 25 February 1984.


Marrara Indoor Stadium is an air-conditioned venue with first class facilities. It has high technology air thrust parquetry sports flooring with dimensions of 48 m x 25 m and a ceiling height of 12.5 m.

Its design concept allows for 12 sports to be played at international level. These sports are: badminton, basketball, boxing, gymnastics, indoor hockey, indoor soccer, indoor tennis, judo, martial arts, netball, volleyball and wrestling.

The Stadium can also accommodate a wide range of non-sporting uses, including boat shows, craft fairs, orchid and garden shows, national and international conventions and seminars, expos, concerts and dinner dances.

Marrara Indoor Stadium floorplanTwo dividing curtains suspended from the ceiling allow the Stadium to be used for both large and small events. The curtains are located to give clients flexibility in tailoring the facility to their needs.

Spectator facilities

The Stadium has seating capacity for up to 1 347 people with 982 of these in gallery and bleacher seating and 365 in stalls at floor level. Larger numbers can be accommodated by special arrangement. Seating is available for spectators requiring wheelchair access.

Player-Performer facilities

The Stadium has four unisex changerooms which open directly onto the main floor. A first-aid room with medical items is also available.

Ancillary facilities

Marrara Indoor Stadium seating layoutA perspex-walled control room provides facilities for lighting, sound and scoreboard control. A meeting room suitable for small functions or as an administrative control point is also available. In a seminar configuration it can hold 20 people.

Umpires/referees have their own change rooms and small meeting room located adjacent to the main floor.

The verandah bar is also available if required.

Media facilities

A soundproof media box sits high in the grandstand with views over the main floor. Outside broadcast van parking is located adjacent to the facility with cabling hatchways for access to the building and media box.

The Stadium’s mercury vapour sports lighting provides up to 1 200 lux for television coverage of events.


The Stadium contractor operates the kiosks on the upper and lower levels. The contractor can also supply quotes for smaller catering requirements.


Marrara Indoor Stadium seating layoutThe Stadium has carpark space for 350 vehicles with an overflow capacity for another 300 vehicles. A coach pick-up and set-down lane suitable for up to five coaches is located 70 metres from the main doors.

Four parking spaces for people with disabilities are provided with ramp access to the main doors.  

Marrara Indoor Stadium

10 Abala Road
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